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My 2011 tax return refund in the amount of $2697.00 was wrongfully

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My 2011 tax return refund in the amount of $2697.00 was wrongfully applied to my ex husband XXXXX XXXXX's IRS debt. Our divorce papers clearly state that all IRS debt was his responsibility. After contacting the IRS they said they do not recognize divorce documents, it is now a civil matter and I would have to collect the money from XXXXX XXXXX myself.

XXXXX XXXXX is the General Manager of Overlake Golf and Country Club in Medina Washington. He makes over twelve thousand dollars per month.
He agreed to give me the money back, however 10 months later he has given me $329.00 and just sent a letter saying he wasnt going to pay anymore.

I tried calling him at the Country Club and has now had the Country Club lawyers send me an e-mail saying if I set foot on the property I will be arrested. He wont answer my e-mails, or return my calls. He has threatened me with a NO contact order.

XXXXX XXXXX knows I cannot afford to hire a lawyer. I am a single mother who works two jobs to make sure I can pay my bills.

Because Overlake Golf and Country Club is a privately owned club and they want NO bad publicity, XXXXX XXXXX is using all the legal resources the club offers. NO ONE will help me because they do not want to go up against the country club that Bill Gates is a member of.

I just want what is legally mine. I have all the documents, threatening e-mails from XXXXX XXXXX, letter from the IRS. Where do I turn? It may not seem like alot of money to some people, but I work really hard everyday. I deserve my tax refund.

Thank You for any help that you can give.

Kristine Hughes

AttyCBradford :

Why don't you just file a civil lawsuit in small claims court ? Its easy and you would be able to get a judgment against him and then garnish his wages

AttyCBradford :

If I have answered all of your questions please press accept and provide positive feedback. If you have additional questions please feel free to ask and I will respond promptly. thank you and best of luck. Please note that this information does not create an attorney-client relationship and is being offered merely for information purposes. Thank you!

AttyCBradford :

Here is a link to information on filing a lawsuit in small claims in Washington

AttyCBradford :

AttyCBradford :

Generally, the courts favor the plaintiffs in small claims. You will need to file the lawsuit and then attach as exhibits your divorce decree and a copy of your taxes showing that it was taken and you did not owe it. The IRS does not recognize divorce decrees and they can garnish your wages or state tax returns for these types of debts. However, I am assuming that this "tax debt" was a debt that was accumulated during the marriage, otherwise they would have no rights to your tax return

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