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I have recordings and documentation proving my ex is falsely

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I have recordings and documentation proving my ex is falsely accusing me of abuse .My ex has coached my child to say I sexually abused her .I could not speak in TRO hearing because of the allegation of sex abuse. She has been given a injunction for one year with 6months no contact.

How can I submit the recording's and documentation to a family court to stop the Restraining order, and to hear my evidence that supports her false acusastion

AttyCBradford :

You stated that you couldn't be heard at the TRO hearing? Has there been a permanent restraining order issued? If so, is this the 1 year and 6 months? otherwise there would need to be a hearing.

AttyCBradford :

You could consider filing your own motion to set aside the restraining order that is in place based on the eivdence that you have. You stated that you were not able to enter any of the evidence or speak why? You are allowed to do so, and if not given the chance you could consider appeal this order of the court

AttyCBradford :

The lawyer I hired actually stated to me in court he knows her parents and they are friends. I told his law firm and himself that I want a full refund of my $2500.00 or I was going to report him to the state bar. He refunded my $2,500.00 that afternoon.


How do I file the motion,what vocabulary do I put on the motion,how do I submit recordings and documentation?

AttyCBradford :

You would need to file a written motion to set aside the restraining order. Let me see if I can find the appropriate form for your state

AttyCBradford :

Here is a link to a sample motion to dissolve the restraining order.

AttyCBradford :
AttyCBradford :

You would just attach a declaration to the motion which is signed under penalty of perjury stating what is in the recordings as an exhibit

AttyCBradford :

please don't forget to accept the answer so i get credit for my work


Do I have to do that for each recording and each document

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