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Here is an idea ? im sure its been tried before, Can my Doughter

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Here is an idea ? i'm sure it's been tried before, Can my Doughter sue her mother for support ,for what a help it would have been for her or something like that?


I can understand your attempt at figuring out ways around my prior answer, but this new suggestion would not work because your daughter is too old to seek child support at this time so there is no way she can sure her mother for child support. Neither you nor the mother can be sued for CURRENT child support at this point but the child supporr arrears will never go away until paid so the best you can achieve is seeking a reduction in the amount.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just wanted to share why i do not want to give 1 penny, i did not persue the matter to the point of having her investgated and in this state they would involve dyfs the county agency that oversee's family issues i was terrified that they would place my Doughter with an agency or 1 of her relatives, 20 years ago my then mother in law had her doughter, my wife Who was a beautiful person even though we were divoriced we loved and helped each other, well she developed a terrible drinking problem, so because she did not like my girl friend,she was a Lawyer and a 5pm till midnight heavy drinker got power of attorney and custody of my 15 year old son and 13 year old Doughter, her husband a drunk also took custody and 2 months later my son was Burned over 90% of his body , the room he was in in there home was full of Flamable products and she allowed him to smoke and furnished the cig's he died 11 days later ,she got custody because she clerked and or worked with every judge and hearing officer, they would not listen to me then so i Know my Doughter is worth $20,000.00 hell i spent that much for cars cloths and insurance on her "close supervision" by anyone the court allows can be fatal, your right pay the money !$ 1.00 a week if i can . thanks for reading if you do!!

Hi George,

I can understand your reason for not wanting DYFS involved.

No caring parent can put a price tab on their child so I also understand your daughter's health and safety being worth the $20,000.

I knew there had to be a good reason and thank you for sharing it with me so now I have the full picture.

Though you may have to pay the $20,000, I try to believe that you and your daughter will be rewarded in the end for doing the right thing.

I wish you both well and hang in there because things do work out in the end,


Daniel Solutions and other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you

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