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I turned in, today, a request for hearing date, to go with

Customer Question

I turned in, today, a request for hearing date, to go with motion of appointment for custody evaluator, and notice of motion and service form all to the judge for approval. I am supposed to follow an order that says "the judge must approve of all filings I do before they are accepted." So I am waiting until judge accepts forms and gives me a hearing date for the motion for appointment of custody evaluator. I told judge in letter that I was waiting for his approval and setting a date for hearing, then I could serve the father-the judge has the service paper form I typed, too. I am wondering how to serve the father and his lawyer? Do I need to serve them today or after the judge approves of the filing and a date for hearing? Do I serve the father with police and send a letter of servce copy to his lawyer? Do I need to serve the lawyer and the father? How do I do it?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  JackJD replied 4 years ago.

JackJD :

Hello, my name is Jack, and I'll answer your questions.

If I were you, to be safe, I would serve the papers that I have filed now, and serve them again when the judge as approved their filing.

From your post, I understand that you are making these motions in a case which is already pending, an in which the other party is represented by a lawyer. In that case, service is by regular mail to the lawyer only. [If you don't trust the guy, pay at the post office for "proof of delivery."

Have I fully answered your question, or do you have a follow up?