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I agreed to a 50% division of my state pension 14 years ago

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I agreed to a 50% division of my state pension 14 years ago during my mediated divorce agreement. There was no QUADRO, i just send her a check every month. She has been remarried for 12 years. We were married for twenty eight years and the pension wasn during a 20 year period while we were married. Am i on the hook for the rest of my life or is there a formula that can be applied as to the dollar amount of what this pension was worth at the time of the divorce vs how much i have already paid her??

max713 :

Hi, I'm trained and experienced in family law, and I would love to help you through your current situation. Typically, awards to divide pensions 50/50 continue indefinitely unless there is a provision in the agreement/order which specifies that it will be terminated upon the occurrence of a condition (e.g. remarriage of the spouse). Hence, it is generally a good idea to refer to the agreement to see whether any such condition exists.

max713 :

Otherwise, it would continue indefinitely, yes.

max713 :

Remember, this is legal information only. It is not advice.

max713 :

Does that make sense?

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