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In Pennsylvania, when does a divorce become final? Is it when

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In Pennsylvania, when does a divorce become final? Is it when the Judge issues a divorce decree saying the marriage is abolished? Or is it 30 days from the time that such a divorce decree is issued?

SoloLawyer :

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SoloLawyer :

The marriage is technically final upon issuance of the Order. However, if an appeal is filed, the carrying out of the order is postponed or "stayed" until the appeal can be effectuated. If no appeal is filed, the marriage has been final since the day the Order was issued.


SoloLawyer :

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So if an appeal if filed withing the 30 day time-frame after the divorce decree is issued, does that mean the couple isn't technically divorced yet?

SoloLawyer :

Yes, that is what it means.



Ok, thank you for your help. That's what I needed to know.


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