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Today is the 21st day since my ex asked the courts to change

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Today is the 21st day since my ex asked the courts to change our child support hearing date. He requested it and now wants it changed because he will be on vacation out of the country. What are the odds that they will postpone the hearing seeing as how it's only 8 days away??

max713 :

Hi, I'm trained and experienced in family law, and I would love to help you through your current situation. Last minute requests are sometimes accepted and sometimes not. I'd say at this point it's 50/50. And, each judge is different. I'd say you should be prepared for the hearing (whether the judge allows it to proceed or grants the continuance). Remember, this is legal information and not legal information.


max713 :

Does that make sense?


max713 :

Excuse me, legal information and not legal advice/



It's with a commissioner. My ex wants to pay less support than what I requested and he requested the hearing. He submitted the paperwork in September but we haven't heard anything. I asked to NOT delay it because it's been 6 yrs since we've visited support and he's the one that requested it. I'm prepared....I'm just anxious to get this over with.

max713 :

Of course. That makes sense. I'm sorry it's been such a long and frustrating process.


max713 :

Is there anything else I can answer for you? I'm here to help.


max713 :

Thank you; all the best.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My ex is now fighting the parenting coordinators recommendations to the court. He's claiming she doesn't have the experience or the authority to make the recommendations that she has. He filed it 10 days after the Judge approved it and it would be "law" unless someone objected. What are the chances that the PC's recommnedations will be overruled and thrown out?

Unless he can prove that the PC lacks the requisite expertise or is "biased" the chances are quite low.
max713 and other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you