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I was terminated from my job last week. My former company is

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I was terminated from my job last week. My former company is saying it was because I expensed and i,tem they deemed wasn't for business purposes. In the state of Arizona, does my former company have to pay me for a bonus that was due me?

Bobfitzm :

Good Day ,

I am a US Attorney and I’ll be answering your question today.

were you let go or did you voluntarily leave ?

were you given any notice or did you give any notice ?

What expenses, how much ?



I was let go by my company, I did not leave. I was given notice two weeks ago that HR was reviewing my expenses and that they were doing an investigation. Last Thursday, my HR dept called me and told me, I was terminated. The expenses ranged from Golf to dinner out with clients. The total expenses were about $2000-$3000 over 2 1/2 years. The things I expensed, I was told was okay by future managers, but my former company is saying otherwise.

Bobfitzm :

My advice is restricted to advice surrounding the general principles of law governing your issue and you should not act on this advice but seek further clarification from a specialist in your County.

MY leagl opinion is that you are entitled to your bonus as you kept up your end of the bargain in your contract of employment, that is you didnt voluntarily leave and you are still disputing the basis or your dismissal.

You should be entitled to a hearing beofre you are dismissed in anycase.

You should be demanding your bonus as you dispute the expense allegations and grounds for your dismissal.

You should take a look at your work contract, but this contract will not preclude you from receiving your bonus.

Thank You for your question.

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