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Category: Family Law
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I am 72 years old and my husbant is 81. lsat month my life

Customer Question

i am 72 years old and my husbant is 81. lsat month my life was torn apart. my 2 daughters can to me and told me they were molisted when they were young. one daughter is a stepdaughter. this only came out after our son snt me a e-mail abiut it. i questioned my daughters about it & they told me that knowing how i loved their dad and he told them never to tell or eles things would happen. my husbant is sick with demtia . I can not stand takeing care of him because I just can't stop thing about this,what are my chances of getting a divorce. i' afraid i will do something to myself, i have tried once several weeks ago. please help me rose***** *****
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  FAMILY EXPERT replied 5 years ago.

Good Day ,

I am a US Attorney and I'll be answering your question today. My advice is restricted to advice surrounding the general principles of law governing your issue and you should not act on this advice but seek further clarification from a specialist in your County.

Are your children interested in pressing charges ?

Would you like to apply for a separation or divorce ?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no they will not. I want a devorce

Expert:  FAMILY EXPERT replied 5 years ago.

Thank You for your patience

In PA you can file for either a fault or no-fault divorce. The outcome of the divorce is likely to be more favorable to you if you are granted a fault-divorce.

There are a number of fault grounds. You may consider that due to the newly acquired information that living together has been made impossible due to the fault of your husband.

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Thank You


Expert:  FAMILY EXPERT replied 5 years ago.

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