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I am married for 3 yrs and live in MD. I want to divorce my

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I am married for 3 yrs and live in MD. I want to divorce my husband but I am very scared. My husband was to take away our only child (3yrs old)he is very controlling: in can't see my family when I want to, I have to constantly stay in the house because if I leave he gets angry and aggressive. He hit me only 3 times and I was not seriously injuired.I have a little over one year left in university. I am not currently work because, to save on daycare he begged me to stay home and I did. I tried to go back to the wk force but they want to pay little. He just bought a gun, because, my brothers came to the house when he hit me the last time. He told the he will kill them the next time they set foot on his property. He said he only hit me because he could not control himself. He has his own business and makes close to 1/2 mil but gross less. my question he sad because he is the bread winner he can get full custody of our daughter if I leave him? because I had bad credit my name is XXXXX XXXXX the MTG, but I did help with the down payment $3500.00 before we were married. Any part of the house mines? He said if I leave, I can't file for child support because he shows his take home as under $15000 so my daughter will get little or nothing. Please help this is just a scartch of the surface
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question.

I am sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

How long have you been married?

Did you report the domestic violent to the police?

Did you buy the house before you were married and is the title to the house is also in your husband's name only?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am married for 3 yrs. Yes I report the abuse to the police, but because I had no open wounds they said we should get counciling. Yes, I bought the house 7 years before we were married, but my credit score was too low. He have better credit score, so it was best to buy it in his name.

Dear XXXXXh,

Basically, you can file for divorce and because you are not currently employed, it would not prevent you from obtaining at least a 50/50 custody of your daughter and also you will be able to ask the court to award you child support and equitable distribution of marital assets and even possibly durational spousal support.

Because the house was purchased prior to marriage and the title is in your husband's name only, the court might consider the house to be a non-marital property, but you would be entitled to a share of equity in the house that accumulated after the date of marriage.

Also, since you don't have any income, you will be able to ask the court to order your husband to pay for your attorney's fees and court costs and under the law you will be entitled to such relief.

Even though your husband owns his own business and is not showing most of his income your local divorce attorney will be able to hire a forensic CPA who will be able to examine your husband's business and financial records and will be able to establish your husband's real income, which should be used for the purposes of establishing the amount of child support or durational alimony.

At this point I would strongly suggest that you consult and retain local experienced and established divorce / child support attorney, who will be able to protect your legal and parental rights in your upcoming divorce and child custody battle.

You can find such local divorce/child support attorney by using these reliable and well established attorney information/referral websites:
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