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my ex goes to court and does not let me know because I do not

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my ex goes to court and does not let me know because I do not have a lawyer - what can I do

Family Law Answers :

Hi and thanks for contacting JustAnswer.


Your ex is obligated to copy you on any correspondence he sends in to the court, and you are supposed to be included in any communications he has with the court. If he is not doing this, then you can so inform the court.


There are times when one party may file an "ex parte" motion with the court, asking for the court to issue "emergency" relief without the other party present, BUT even then there is typically a requirement that the party provide the other with notice unless there is legitimate reason for not giving notice.

Family Law Answers :

Often the court will require the party

Family Law Answers :

to certify that he has provided copies or so informed the other party b

Family Law Answers :


Family Law Answers :

Sorry about t

Family Law Answers :


Hi there,

I'm sorry I had to switch the format to Q&A because the chat feature kept sending my message before I was done!


What I was continuing to say was that typically the court will still require the filing party to certify that he has informed the other party that he is filing something or going into court to request relief.


It could be that your ex has made this representation to the court, so you will want to determine that. Often a certification is made part of the pleading that he has filed.


If you haven't received the pleadings he's filing, you can go into court and get copies of these directly from the court, and inform them that you have not been receiving these. You can also inform the court in writing that you haven't been informed by your ex in the objections you file in response to your ex's motions, and/or you can file your own motion with the court informing it that you have not been notified by your ex that he has been communicating with the court, and ask that the court impose sanctions on him and specific instructions that this conduct needs to immediately cease.


I hope that this helps answer your question; if so, please provide me with a positive rating so that I may receive credit for answering. Thanks very much and I wish you the best here.

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