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I was living in louisville KY earlier until 2009. However I

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I was living in louisville KY earlier until 2009. However I left the US in 2009 and am not living in the US now. I had applied for a green card while in the US, but I dont know the status now since I am not there.

I obtained a disollution of marriage under Islamic law by a local authority in my country. However it is not recognized legally. Also my ex husband filed his tax returns this year as single with a dependent [claiming my daughter as dependent although she is not and hasnt been in the US for the past 3 years]

I want to file for a divorce case in louisville as my ex husband is in louisville.

I want to know If I can file a case while being in my country, without physically coming to louisville, KY at any time.

I also need leads to a lawyer who will help me legally.
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question.

Yes you can have a Kentucky licensed attorney file for a divorce on your behalf in Kentucky, even if you are living outside of the US.

You can find an experienced local divorce attorney in Kentucky by using these well trusted and reliable attorney information/referral services:
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Will custody and visitation of my daughter [4 and half years] be issues? I came to my country when she was one and a half years old due to domestic violence reasons. Will the court still decide on this or will they not touch upon this since I am residing in another country?

Dear XXXXXam,

At the time you left US with the child, did you obtain permission of your husband to leave and move back permanently to your home country?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No. I came here because the abuse was too much for me to tolerate and I wanted family intervention to ease matters. I came only on a vacation.


However after I came here I decided not to return back as there was as my ex husband was not ready to seek any counselling or accept any faults. So I felt that the situation would not improve. For safety of myself and my child I did not return back.

Thank you for your follow up.

What country do you currently live in?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Thank you for your follow up.

It is very unlikely that under the circumstances that you describe the court will order you or your child to come back to reside in the US.

Also your Kentucky attorney could request for child support payment to be established and your husband is likely would be ordered by the court to make the child support payment to the state depository, which will then forward it to you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My concern is about visitation in the country that I reside in? Can the US court order any legal visitation in the country that I reside in? Or will he have to approach the court in this country to establish visitation laws?

The US court would generally not have jurisdiction over the minor child at this point, as the child has been living and is located in India for the last 3 years.
Alex J. Esq. and other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Can you help me find a good attorney who can understand my issues and will be able to help?


In the list that you gave, its very difficult to know who to contact.



Dear Maryam,

Thank you for accepting my answer and your positive ratings, I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, we are prohibited from providing customers with referrals to specific lawyers or law firms, but you can use the reliable attorney information/referral websites I mentioned above to find an experienced Kentucky divorce attorney who will be able to help you get divorced and also to establish child support for your minor child.