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We entered into a mediation agreement (CR2a) on 6/2012. my

Customer Question

we entered into a mediation agreement (CR2a) on 6/2012. my sons father had agreed to do four 2 hour reunification counseling sessions. supervised Visits started in February until June. He has completed one session, because of traveling plans, and it will be about 50 days before he continues his last 3 sessions, which will be one week apart. His father did not advise us of these travel plans when we entered the mediation agreement. my son is 4, had just begun seeing his father in February, 2 times a week. These "vacation" plans have put a hold on the relationship they were building. He does not call, and I am the one who had motioned the court for a parenting plan. That said, the mediation agreement and final orders have not been entered into the court and I am hesitant on doing this because of the circumstances that came about in June. After these 3 sessions, the father will get our son unsupervised. I want to overturn the Cr2a based on the delay his father has chosen to take vacations instead of continuing to build his relationship.
What grounds do I have to ask the court to pursue more visits? I have heard my chance is very small, like 10%.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Meigs replied 5 years ago.
meigs004 :

Hello, so you had a mediation agreement whereby the father agreed to visit with the child through reunification counseling session for four 2 hour sessions, and then begin unsupervised visits. However, the father is now "traveling" and has not completed that program? You are now wanting to change the plan to what exactly? Enforcing the agreement and making him visit?