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As part of the never ending aftermath of my divorce my ex-wife

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As part of the never ending aftermath of my divorce my ex-wife is still asking about the bills that I am to pay.

$453.50 is for house related services - she kept house off market -against separation agreement - so why must I pay?

$277.55 Is for out of network council sessions that I do not believe the kids need. My opinion has been ignored - she is just sending them and running up my bill

$850.00 is for May mortgage 1 Nash (last month) - I have paid $300 of it thus far

$308.00 is 11 days in June prorated - they took forever to complete transaction - I guess I have to pay that.

? I gather these $ amounts are not worth fighting in court? Are my monthly payments toward the total mortgage amount acceptable?

However, in June she sent the kids to an out of network dentist - I think she is dating the guy - not enough to get free service though - that's $590.00 now.
Do I have to pay when she is intentionally out-of-network and not using the old insured dentist?

Her management of the after-school care that was provided got them thrown out of the program for this year.

Today she has sent one son to my house, without notice, when she failed at effectively disciplining him. I actually had to pick him up.

She continues to ignore most of my email requests regarding how to schedule time with them or for anything at all.

How do I effectively put an end to this waste of time...?

Thank you

AttyCBradford :

Hello! If you have joint legal custody of your children that means that you have to AGREE to medical care otherwise it can become the sole cost of the one parent. If you are ordered to pay a mortgage then you must pay it. If you weren't ordered to continue to pay the mortgage and she was supposed to sell the house and she didn't that cost is on her


Agreement states house is to be sold. She refused to renew listing and kept it off the market.


Do I still have to honor other terms when house is off the market? Are all other items issues of conduct and therefore there is no legal way to determine acceptable behavior?

AttyCBradford :

There is an argument that you shouldn't I would file a contempt of court order motion with the court to make the determination that she is in violation of a court order.

AttyCBradford :

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