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My husband has wolfed out on me saying he wants a divorce and

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My husband has wolfed out on me saying he wants a divorce and I won't be seeing him again, what are the next steps I take?
That depends on what you want to happen next and your situation. Do you want the divorce as well? Are there custody, alimony, or asset issues that need to be resolved?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm pregnant and he wants me to get an abortion, I'm not working and having been working per his request.
Ok, so what do you want to happen?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
He doesn't want to work things out, so I really have no choice but to give him a divorce, I just want to know what my best options are

Ok, well you can wait for him to file (which he may or may not ever do) or you can file the Petition yourself. There is no legal advantage to filing first, but you could ask for spousal support in the interim. You obviously do not have to get an abortion if you don't want to, and he will have to pay child support for the child once it is born (as well as medical expenses for the child birth).

You should probably go ahead and file for divorce, seek temporary alimony and asset division. This is your best bet for the immediate future, only because you will probably be entitled to some alimony at least while the divorce is pending (you may be entitled to permanent alimony too, but that depends on a number of factors).

Given that you situation is somewhat complex, it would probably be worth your money to hire an attorney. So that is what you would need to do as a first step.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Roughly how much would attorneys fees be? I'm not working and haven't been working for a year. I've given up everything for this man, I'm also a non US citizen but a legal resident and have no support here in the US
I can't tell you what another attorney would charge you. But you can usually find an attorney to take your case for less than $1000 if you look around. Also, you can access the marital funds if you can ("his" money).
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do have any recommendations good attorneys in my area? NYC

I am not allowed to give you a recommendation to a specific attorney on this site, sorry.

You can search for attorneys, the attorneys are rated by their peers as well as clients: