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My sons father gets him every other weekend. Hes only 6months

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My sons father gets him every other weekend. He's only 6months old, and his father has only had for about four weekends now. This past time he returned home completely filthy. he looked as if he hadnt been bathed all weekend long. My son also had diaper rash like never before. Is this enough to prove to a court that he isnt being taking care of properly?
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer. I would be happy to answer your question. To answer your question..............This can be something for a court to look at in making a determination as to whether a parent is fit and doing a good job taking care of the children when in his/her control. However, courts typically want to see an attitude of acceptance of the other parent from both parties and to encourage the kids to be able to love both parents. Many times if there is a situation such as the one above, it is best to approach it from a perspective of looking to fix the problem and educate the parent who has failed to provide good hygene, etc. The courts don't usually favor a parent going into court and pointing out what the other parent is doing wrong. However, stating the above and focusing on finding a solution that educates the parent who failed to provide acceptable care so that he/she may continue to be involved in the child's life will likely go much further in court. Good Luck and please remember to click ACCEPT if you are satisfied with my answer so that I may receive credit for my answer. In addition, thanks for using JustAnswer and I would be happy toanswer any follow up questions you may have. Thanks again and good luck.
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