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Divorce papers have been filed but are not final. I want to

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Divorce papers have been filed but are not final. I want to ask the court to allow us to try to reconcile before divorce is final. What form do I need?

divorcememike :

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divorcememike :

To answer your question.............To attempt a reconciliation there is no that one would file in Mississippi. One would simply attempt to reconcile on his/her own. If divorce papers have been filed in Mississippi, but a final hearing is not set to have a judge approve and sign off on the divorce.........The divorce is not final and may still be dismissed by the parties to the action.


divorcememike :

If two parties involved in a divorce were to reconcile, either party may simply file a voluntary dismissal signed by both parties and the case would not proceed any further.


divorcememike :

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divorcememike :

I'm sorry but I was unable to read your response.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My Mother-in-law is pushing to get this divorce finalized. Should we submit anything to the court to ask that it be postponed until we try to reconcile. I need a response to this additional part of the question.

Your mother in law is not a participant to the divorce.......unless she has involved herself in some abstract way such as filing for grandparents visitation rights. Has she? Although she may be interested in seeing the two of you divorce...........A divorce action is only between the two participants involved, a petitioner and a respondent
(husband and wife) any others are simply spectators and have no standing in the case.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No she has not filed anything. My consern is that if the divorce is finalized before we have had the opportunity to work it out, the expense of it being final and then having to go back to the court to ask to have it dismissed will be a lot higher than putting a hold on it now.

In response to your last comment............A divorce is finalized when a final hearing is set, a judge reviews your case and sees that all pre requisites are met, and signs off on the divorce. This divorce is then official and cannot be dismissed. Once this is done the parties would have to re marry to effect a reconciliation. If the final hearing has not yet occurred the couple can file to dismiss the case voluntarily. If the case is put on hold before the point of no return......................the case may be dismissed after a period of time for inaction after which the couple would need to refile the case and have to pay an additional filing fee (as petitioner). However, if the case is stalled for a while, but the court never dismisses the case you can simply reopen the case and continue where you left off.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX sense to me now. I will give you my rating. If I think of anything else I will contact.
Ok, great. Please do if you think of anything else. I would be happy to help.
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