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Category: Family Law
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My husband attny is gonna write up the divorce papers I owned

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My husband attny is gonna write up the divorce papers I owned my house before marriage and his name is XXXXX XXXXX deed. does hes have to sing anything extra saying he waives all rights to my house, and also wit my retirement doea he have to sign anything seperate

JackJD :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be answering your question.

JackJD :

It does not require a separate paper; but the settlement agreement should specifically state that your husband has no ownership rights in the house or in your retirement.

JackJD :

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ok thanks I was married less than a year to him but I wanted to make sure they were written up so I didnt have anything to worry about cause I dont trust him. He didnt work for the 2 years we were together

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