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My lady friend and I have lived together for 12 years in her house. We never married are in our seventies.I did buy her wedding rings ect. because at the beggining she did not want people to think we were "just living together. We have had a wonderful relationship and still do.In the past I have told my three children we were not married.How ever her children are worried I might mess up their inheiritness.I have said many times,that in the event,I will walk out with what I came with.What can I do to calm them down? Robert R. XXXXX

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So her children are concerned that you will take their inheritance if your girlfriend is to predecease you

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You rated too soon, but I will provide your answer here. The best thing you could do to ease their minds, is inform your lady friend to draft a last will and testament detailing what is to happen with her estate upon her death. That document will be the best document to show them to ease their minds. The last will is the main document that is used upon someones death for the disposition of their property. If she drafts one, you could simply show the will to the children to show that they stand to inherit their mothers estate.
If you have follow up questions to the answer Robert, please feel free to ask them, and I will gladly address them!