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I have filed a divorce in Michigan, because my husband was

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I have filed a divorce in Michigan, because my husband was convicted Criminal Sexual Conduct, 2nd conviction, unbeknown to me. I asked his parole office to get all my paperwork from the home, because I have a personal protection order filed against him. I finally got the paperwork, and filed a divorce, only to find that while I was waiting, he had filed ahead of me. I have not been served, and the extension of service expires in 3 weeks. I am unemployed, and no children, and homeless, and have no idea if I need to step up to the plate without a lawyer, and accept summons, and let it default? I also don't know if I can get representation against him. Please help, he molested these 14 year old girls behind my back, and threaten to kill me if I divorce him. We have property, and he has USAF retirement. The marriage was for 21 years

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. You absolutely need to have a lawyer for this. You say you were not served, but he could be doing something behind your back. You are going to be entitled to a good part of his pension and probably a lot more. If you do not file against him (file an answer, or at least find out what he has done) you could lose everything. There are lawyers that would help you to get going on this and get some immediately temporary support. He could also be made to pay your attorney fees. Please call some lawyers and keep trying until you get someone that would help you. There are lawyers out there to help. I often can help people to get started on their own, but this whole scenario does not sound right and he might have published notice in a paper saying he doesn't know where you are, or any number of things. You need to get legal help right away. You said you went to Legal Aid and I don't know why they wouldn't help you, but ask if there are any volunteer lawyers in the area to help, and possibly get paid by him eventually. Courts often do this when one party is unemployed.

Please feel free to follow up with any questions. I'm here to help.
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