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How does a parent sign over their parental rights in Texas?

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How does a parent sign over their parental rights in Texas?
Is it as easy as paying a lawer to draw up the papers the parent to sign and file them with the court and wait for a judge to approve?

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I am


yes sorry

QuickEasyLegalHelp : Ok, be right with you, give me just a moment....
QuickEasyLegalHelp : Is the relinquishment of parental rights voluntary?

Yes, he told my daughter to bring him the papers.

QuickEasyLegalHelp : Then yes,it is a fairly simple process. The lawyer will draw up a paper known as an "affidavit for voluntary relinquishment of rights", it will list all of the identifying info for the parent and for the child. It will also contain a statement that the parent who is terminating the rights (in this case your daughter's ex) will not owe any child support. And also a statement that termination of parental rights is in the best interests of the child. Then your lawyer will file the paper with the court, a Judge will sign it and the Parental Rights will be terminated. Quite simple.

Sounds good. Thank you for you help.



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