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Hi Robert, Is the term "inter alia" used much in U.S. English.

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Hi Robert,

Is the term "inter alia" used much in U.S. English. I picked it up when reviewing other translators' work. It is what I currently use to translate "entre otros", which literally means "among others" or "among other things". I am not convinced of "among others" because it doesn't have much of a legal ring to it Thanks.
Good evening, Reed,

Sorry for the tardy response, I always seem to be offline lately when you send questions. In answer to your query, if we're talking about legal documents, I would say yes, it's appears fairly regularly.

I can't say I see it used much in normal "conversational" use, like magazines and newspapers, and I suspect many people don't know what the term means. I do fully agree with you that "among other things" or "inter alia" is much better sounding than "among others." Among others doesn't even necessarily work when translated -- for example "The government, inter alia, is responsible for operating Social Security." It doesn't make sense if you say "The goverment, among others, is responsible for operating Social Security."

If you need clarification or further information, you can always REPLY to my question before rating my service today.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So which would you prefer if you were writing a legal document: "inter alia" or "among other things"?
My apologies, I didn't mean to be unclear. For a legal document, use inter alia.
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