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I am trying to help my nephew with a divorce. He is presently

Customer Question

I am trying to help my nephew with a divorce. He is presently in casper, wyo and the wife is in sheridan, wyoming. The three children are with her and she is trying to take all he has plus denying him the visitation of his children. The children are ages 8 to 3 years. Neither have funds to afford a pricey lawyer. She relies on legal aid and state assistance for her advice. He has been out of work and has just recently been employed. Mostly all they have acquired during the 10 year marriage is a house which was a fixer upper and because he knows how to do handy work has made it livable. They also have to old vehicles.
I need a decent lawyer in casper that will work with him and possible let him make payments. Is there a legal service in casper that can suggest lawyers that will work with him. Also, since both cities are in wyoming, can he file in casper and she can be served through the mail at the sheridan address? He would like a split on the house and is mostly concerned with the visitation of his children. I am going to try and help him with the cost of the divorce. What would be the best approach to this matter?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for the opportunity to answer your question. I am sending this answer to you only a few minutes after you submitted your question.
Wyoming is called an equitable distribution state for divorce. This means that property is distributed fairly (not necessarily equally). The court should review a variety of factors and try to distribute property in a fashion that is fair to both spouses. One spouse should not get to take everything. The house will follow the children, generally. This is to make sure that the children have stability and continuity. Each spouse will often get to keep the car that he or she regularly uses. Custody and visitation are generally determined according to the best interests of the children, considering every relevant factor.
A divorce can be filed in the state and county in which either spouse lives. The other spouse can then still be served in his or her own state/county.
While it's not possible for me to provide direct referrals in this forum, I can provide you with some great resources that you can use to locate an attorney. Each attorney sets his or her own prices and each attorney decides which clients to accept, so you may have to look around a little bit to locate an attorney. and are great resources. Both of these sites enable you to search for an attorney based on the attorney's field(s) of practice and geographic region. Additional information may also be available (links to the attorneys' websites, reviews, etc.). That information can help you to evaluate the attorneys. Local Lawyer Referral Services are similar search tools. Local Legal Clinics are also a possibility for those who cannot afford to retain counsel on their own, as they provide free or discount services to those in need.