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JerrySJD, Attorney
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Divorce, child custody, support, mediation, alimony
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Please help me with this. I had my child with me, but my wife

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Please help me with this. I had my child with me, but my wife followed me, and took her away from me againsts her own will. I had a Baker Act signed by the judge, and I caled l the police. She was Baker Acted, however because my wife said that my child could stay with her grandmother, the police told me that I was not allow to take her because even thought it is my home, and my child since I do not live there I would be breaking the law. There is nothing in court yet about the custody of our child. My child is diabetic, and I am the one who administer her insulin. As per the officer I would have to get a an emergency custody of my child. All of this sounds to me insane. That is my child for God's sake. If I take my daugther with me and my mother in law said no, I could get arrested.
Did they lie to me?
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Yes please I need an answer as soon as possible

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The Baker Act refers to forced mental examinations and the like. Do you have a custody order? That is what you need. With the wife under the Baker Act, you should get it. You will need to see the results of her examination, since she does appear to be out right now. Where is the wife living? Are you separated?


The insulin issue makes this an emergency. Have you contacted DFS? That might be your first call. Tell them the child was taken from you by the mother in law and that the child is being denied insulin and is in immediate risk. You should also speak with them about custody. If you are living with the wife, custody is problematic, but you need to get a custody order one way or another.


This seems like a DFS case right now. Do you have their contact information?


Here is the site for DFS:


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JerrySJD, Attorney
Category: Family Law
Satisfied Customers: 821
Experience: Divorce, child custody, support, mediation, alimony
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