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my husband wanted a divorce and we got married in the U.S.We

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my husband wanted a divorce and we got married in the U.S.We have property in Texas and it was named by my maiden name,since we bought it before we got marry.Also we are living now in Philippines...It 's been a year an a half since the time that we got here...He is serving me with a Guam divorce paper where he wanted me to sign and take it embassy and then he will take it to guam and stay there for a week ,since that was one of the requirement....Now my question is.....Would that be legal and honored? And what about our property in Texas under my maiden last name? We still have a loan to it and it is occupied by our tenant....What would be the best processess to this matter?We also have big issuesmI wanted to address....Please help.
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As to the house in Texas, you indicate that "we" bought it even though it is in your name. There is also a loan on it and I am not sure whether it is in both names or just yours. However, you do not need to agree to anything until there is a settlement on the house. If he takes the house, it needs to be refinanced in his name only and you do not need to sign anything until that is done. If you are keeping the house, you need to have him sign a quit claim deed to you and have it recorded in the courthouse in Texas before the divorce. The two of you could also agree to sell. That is all up to whatever you can agree on. However, Guam does not have any jurisdiction over the house in Texas. Any action would have to be in Texas if the two of you cannot agree.
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