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Customer Question

ok even if one order was droped for child support the other one from our devoice holds up still they did take 50 % for hid disabe check for child support but hes saying im not gettimg it because that one was dropped i waved all money for me but not the kids he should still ahve to pay
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  ANDREA, replied 5 years ago.

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In Answer to your question and what you should tell your former husband - A parent cannot waive her right to receive child support, it is not permitted under the law, So, you can tell him the second Order for Child Support from the divorce was not dropped

The reason that he says that you are not getting child support is probably this - If a custodial parent, (the parent who has custody of the child) was, or is on welfare, the welfare department will seek reimbursement from him for any amounts welfare paid to the custodial parent.

Rest assured that the Order fo Child Support is still in effect and if he wants to test his luck, he will soon find out that he is out of luck and the Judge will prove this by holding him in Contempt of Court and giving him jail time,

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