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I see on the circuit court system my counter claim for limited

Resolved Question:

I see on the circuit court system my counter claim for limited divorce, financial statement being filed. It does not list pendente lite filing. No hearing ever scheduled. I also, see motions hearing requested (spouses 401k missed in divorce degree), do not see motion for earnings was filed. Attorney states that my ex is in contempt. Another divorce attorney stated my attorney was dilatory. How do I proceed?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  LawHelpNow replied 5 years ago.

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QUESTION: "How do I proceed?"


ANSWER: Pursuant to the Rules of professional Conduct, you have a right to be kept reasonably informed of the status of your case. Communication is a huge trust (or sometimes unfortunately mistrust) component of the attorney-client relationship. Obviously, as you have astutely identified, what you have been told has been filed, and what the docketing system shows has indeed been filed, should all match up. Otherwise, you have good cause for concern. Having said all of that, here is how I would proceed. First, obtain two things from your current legal counsel: (1) your complete file; and (2) his or her explanation as to each of your questions. Place both of these in a written request outlining your demand for your file and for adequate answers to each of your individual questions (i.e. You told me you had filed document X on such and such date. Did that happen? How do you explain the fact that the online system does not show such filing?). Should your lawyer fail to satisfy you within a reasonable time frame, your next step would be to seek formal intervention from the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission: Complaint Form.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yikes, I terminated my attorney services yesterday as, I have had enough. It's been eight months and the QDRO has not been completed and filed for ex pension. She changed law firms midway and gave herself a raise. She responded back early this morning. I called the office, she answered, recognizing it was her, I asked for her by name and she responded by saying she was not there! A simple itemized bill to close out the account would have been more appropriate. How do I get my file and answers given that information? I live in Cecil Co., MD and I could not locate a attorney here specializing in legal malpractice on an internet search. Know of any in Harford Co, Cecil Co., or Baltimore?