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Lucy, Esq.
Lucy, Esq., Lawyer
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Hi Lucy. Im back with more of my husbands drama. It appears

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Hi Lucy. I'm back with more of my husband's drama. It appears you were right on when you suggested she should have a psychiatric evaluation. I have been in contact with a Just Answer Clinical Psychologist expert, and he has been very helpful in that department. It appears she has Borderline Personality Disorder/Narcissistic Personality Disorder. My husband and I have read up on the disorder and with the help of the psychologist my husband has been able to stay one step ahead of her. My husband sent her a letter stating that due to her erratic, strange behavior he is very concerned for his daugher and suggested she be evaluated by a Clinical psychologist. He also stated he would be willing to be evaluated by the same pychologist and suggested their daughter have counseling from the psychologist. Her reaction was pretty much as the psychologist predicted. She obtained her 4th Lawyer in 4 months and filed five motions stating he's the crazy one. It is clear from this Lawyer's letter and his website that she hired him to keep the case out of court.

The motions are definitely Sham Pleadings. All the Motions are more concerned with my husband paying for her Attorney and Bogus Services than for their daughter. Some of them never even mention their daughter. They filed a Motion for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem. Is that a Parenting Coordianator? If so, that is interesting since she won't allow my husband to have their daughter at our home. My husband is planning on writing Motions to Strike their Sham Motions. Is that the best thing to do? He really wants to get this in front of the Judge to show the obvious harrassment.

We are bothe very conserned abut his daughter. My Husband's ex definitely projects HER actions onto my husband. One of her accusations is that he continuously leaves their daughter unattended. That has never been the case which makes us believe that she leaves their daughter unattended.

My husband is also going to file a Contempt Motion since she has gone against the Final Judgment and wont allow my husband to have time-sharing at his home. In that Motion, can my husband ask of the court to enforce his proposed Parenting Plan, and to enforce psychiatric evaluations?

This really is crazy. I think she belongs to the Lawyer of the Month Club!
Good morning,

A guardian ad litem is appointed on behalf of the child to ensure that someone is looking out for the child since, in many cases, the parents are looking out for their own best interests (like paying the least amount of child support). It's usually a lawyer appointed by the judge.

A Motion for Contempt is to enforce the court order already in place. If he wants to also ask the judge to order the mother to follow his parenting plan instead of the one in place, or to get evaluations, that would usually be a separate motion. He can file it at the same time as the contempt motion, though She needs to follow the order unless or until it's changed. If she's not doing that, then you can probably show a willful violation of the court's order. But, it really sounds like having her do psychiatric evaluations is going to help everyone here.
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