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8 years ago or so i had gotten into some trouble and went to

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Cry8 years ago or so i had gotten into some trouble and went to jail,and had gotten my daughter taken from me, she was seven years old. do to bad sercumstances i was never able to get my daughter back, so there was an open adoption. My daughter is now 16 years old and i was wondering what would be the first step on locating her? and I had heard that in oregon that when a child turned 16 that they had some right to choose where they wanted to live is that true at all?
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I am sorry to hear of your situation and wish you the best of luck in locating your daughter, Fortunately, it was an open adoption so you will be able to obtain the information you need much easier than in "closed" adoption cases.

1. If it was an agency that "took her away" as you said, then your first step is to contact that agency to find out if they handled the adoption, or if they engaged an adoption agency to locate adoptive parents. In either situation, you would ask the name, address, and other contact of the adoptive parents.

2. With respect to your second question of when, or what age a child is able to choose with whom they want to live, what you may have heard relates to custody situations, but even then, a child of any age cannot chose the parent with whom they want to live. In those casses, if the child is old enough and the Judge believes that the child is mature enough to express an opinion, the Judge will question the child in his chambers, and then he may take the child's opinion and preference into consideration when he is making his decision as to which parent should have custody, however, the final decision remains with the Judge.

In adoption cases, this issue does not arise because the adoptive parents are the child's legal parents for all intents and purposes because the Court severs all ties between the child and the biological mother.

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