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Good Morning, My husband is in the military and we are station

Customer Question

Good Morning, My husband is in the military and we are station in Mcguire AFB, NJ. Our Daughter contacted us that her husband does not want to work, only go to college at night and they were getting evicted. They gave us a power of attorney for the 4 children. Ages 10, 8, 5, 1. At the base housing they are asking us to get a court order with giving us the guadianship, eventhough the POA indicates it is giving us the Legal guardianship of the Children. We are now in NJ an the father is in Miami. What do we need to do. Our daughter came with us because she is going to college but she can not take care of they children by herself and want us to have the legal guadianship. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, XXXXX
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  John Domestic replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for trusting Just Answer. I will answer as clearly as possible. I do ask for you Accept my answer so I am paid when we are done.


What is base housing preventing you from doing? The POA / Guardianship agreement is legally all that you need. You do not need a formal court ordered guardianship.


If they are forcing you to get a guardianship you can file for guardianship in New Jersey. You will need to get the father to sign a consent to the guardianship on the court forms. You would file this in the surrogates court in the county where you live. They can give you the forms and likely will give you general instructions on filing the forms to obtain guardianship. I would only do this if absolutely necessary. Like I said the documents you have should be plenty.



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