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My sons father has had nothing to do with his since he was

Resolved Question:

My son's father has had nothing to do with his since he was born. My son is now almost 3 years old. We get child support but only 140.00 a month and I thought about taking him to court to get it adjusted. My son's father told me that if I try he will file for 50/50 custody over my son. He has never seen my son, was not there when he was born, never has gotten a birthday or christmas present.
Is this technically abandonment? Can he get 50/50 custody if I try to persue for more child support?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 5 years ago.

RayAnswers :

Thanks for your question and good evening.

RayAnswers :

I would not give in to the threats here.There has been no change of circumstances that would warrant any change in custody .File with the state here or your own lawyer to seek raise.The state child support folks will take you for $25.He is also in contempt for not providing insurance for the child.No way a court gives him custody here when he has not complied with insurance requirements.

RayAnswers :

Apply here.It's been long enough for you here to seek a raise.

RayAnswers :

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