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Would you be available to help me out? That amount is reasonable

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Would you be available to help me out? That amount is reasonable and alot less than I expected (I understand it is an estimate). I have never had an attorney and don't know who to go to.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX to be clear, the estimated cost without an attorney would likely be in the $300-$400 range. With an attorney, it could easily cost an additional $2,000+.

I can answer any additional questions that you may have, but under the terms of service the experts are actually prohibited from communicating with customers except through the website (lest we steal away their business, I suppose).

I mentioned that neither action, by itself, is especially complicated. Really, any family law attorney who has practiced for at least two years would be equipped to help. In my experience, it is not effective to provide names of attorneys because there are no guarantees that any given attorney is willing and available to take any given case. You also have to keep in mind that a "good" attorney for one person is not necessarily a good attorney for someone else; every attorney has their own personality and style, and clients need to choose someone that they feel comfortable with (and vice versa). There is always some searching involved.

I typically refer customers to when looking for a local attorney with a specific type of practice. Martindale lists most of the world's attorney of geographic area, type of practice, years of experience, etc.; it is also the tool that most attorneys use when searching for other attorneys with expertise outside their own. Since there is no guarantee that any one attorney is willing or able to take any particular case, there is almost always some searching involved even with simple cases, but Martindale typically facilitates that search.

You can also ask the county bar associations for local referrals. I hope that this helps.
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