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How long does it take for child support to be established in

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How long does it take for child support to be established in Colorado? What are the steps? I filed for child support against my kids dad in December 2009. He was deployed and Georgia was slow to send the paperwork to Colorado. The case finally got started May 2011 when he returned. He has so far had two meetings since September. He has another one on December 29th. We have not established Paternity. The letters I get in the mail state the meetings are Negotiation Conferences. Why does it take so long?




Have you filed for support through the courts or through the office of child support enforcement?


Has he challenged paternity? Are you attending the negotiation conferences?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I filed for child Support through the Georgia Child Support Enforcement. He has challenged paternity and he was not present for their birth. The letters state my attendance is not required at the meetings, even via telephone. I live in Georgia and he is stationed in Colorado.
I see, thank you. Well, if he was deployed, the service members act prevents the case from moving forward until he was back. So that was probably the main delay. Now that he is back though things are going slowly because he has challenged paternity. You may need to consider filing for child support in the CO court system. Then if he wants to challenge paternity, the judge will order a DNA test and it should not take but a couple weeks. The good news is that you will be able to get retroactive support but going through CSE can take much longer than going through the courts if paternity is challenged. If you want to go through the court you would do so in CO, where the children reside. You can file the petition for child support yourself with the family law clerk of court at your local court house. They will have the forms for you to use.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My children live with me in Georgia, so should I file through the Georgia courts? I have the papers to file through the Colorado courts where he lives, but I cannot afford the filing fee. Hence why I am going through the State enforcement to get child support.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Also I spoke to my case manager in Colorado and they stated that he can request paternity which I thought he would be required to do on the First meeting. Why have we not got instructions to do the DNA testing?
Sorry, I got the two states mixed up. If you live in GA, yes, you should file there. But if you cannot afford the fees, you may just have to wait it out. Challenging the paternity is what is taking so long here as he is entitled to his due process. I could not say why he has not had to take a DNA test yet, especially because I do not have access to what is going on in the meetings. You do have a right to at least appear by phone if you want to. This way, you can at least ask about the hold up as there should have already been a test ordered. But like I said, you will at least be able to get back support based on the time you filed the petition.
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