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Hi my x wifes lawyer made an order for child support with

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Hi my x wife's lawyer made an order for child support with false information saying that I make 3500 dollars a month my x wife makes 2700 a month when I make only 2300 dollars a month and she is trying to get full custody legal and physical I work just as hard as her I don't drink and don't smoke I am a good father and the judge signed the order with out knowing the facts just by hear say with what her put on the order! I'm trying to get back in to court I have facts on how much I make a month with my pay stubs and last years tax returns I don't know what I should do I'm so frustrated and I can't afford a lawyer please help! Thanks


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1. Were you present in Court when the amount of child support was calculated by the Judge or the Hearing Master ?

2. How did the Court get your income information in order to calculate tghe amount of child support ?


Keep in mind that custody is an issue which is separate and apart from child support and the 2 issues cannot be argued at the same hearing.


You do not need a lawyer to ask for a decrease in the child support amount. Go into the Office of the Court Clerk of Family Court, ask the Clerk for the Court form for a "Petition to Modify Child Support" and ask for a decrease on the grounds that the income information the Court used for you was incorrect and that you earn less than your former wife. At the hearing, have copies of all your pay stubs, as well as copies of your income tax return for last year. This will be sufficient proof on your part. You should also ask the Judge to Order your former wife to submit her pay stubs also as well as copies of her income tax return.

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If there is no Custody Order entered by the Court, then you must file a "Complaint for Custody". If there is already a Custody Order entered by the Court, you would file a "Petition to Modify Custody" . The Office of the Court Cloerk probably has forms for these that you can just fill out and would not need to incur legal fees.

Customer: Hi Andrea I was in court the judge told my x wife's lawyer to make the order I gave him my pay stubs and tax returns but the x and her lawyer still put the false amount and the judge still signed it ! Sorry my computer is really slow
Customer: Sorry my computer gets stuck some
Customer: Sorry my computer gets stuck sometimes
Customer: Thank you very much !
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When a Judge tells a lawyer to prepare a proposed Order for his signature, the lawyer has a legal and ethical obligation to serve a copy of the proposed Order he prepared on the opposing side, so that if the opposing side had any objection to the Orders contents, he would have the opportunity to voice his objections before the Judge signed the Order.

Did your former wife's lawyer give you a copy of the Child Support Order he prepared for the Judge's signature ?

If he did not serve you with a copy before the Judge signed it, he violated the Attorneys' Code of Ethics in that he had an "Ex Parte" communication with the Judge and probably misled the Judge into believing that you had reviewed a copy of the proposed Order and did not have any objection to anything it contained.

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