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Location Walnut, California My siblings and I are looking

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Location: Walnut, California: My siblings and I are looking into the process of having my mom apply and be approved for California Medi-Cal so she can qualify and be enrolled in the "In Home Service Assistance (IHSS)" program. She is in the advanced stages of Parkinson's and both my mother and father are living with my sister's family and would need in home assistance. My mom currently is not a Medi-Cal recipient and would like to apply and qualify. We understand that there are income limitations and we would like to know what's involved in asset transfer process so she can qualify for Medi-Cal and what is the process for the application. My parents do not own a home, but do have a family trust fund and receive monthly social security payments. What's involved in qualifying and applying for California Medi-Cal? Who can help us with the asset transfer process, if needed.

Thank you
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This is the website where you can start the application since I assume that they are over 65.

  • If your income is less than Medi-Cal limits for your family size, you will receive Medi-Cal services at no cost to you. (Refer to All County Welfare Directors Letter (ACWDL) 11-16 to view the Income Limit Chart.)
  • If your income is more than Medi-Cal limits for your family size, you will have to pay a certain amount only in the month you have medical expenses. The amount that you pay is called your share of cost (SOC). When you pay or promise to pay that amount, we say that you have met your SOC. Once you have met your SOC, Medi-Cal will pay the rest of your covered medical bills for that month. For example, if your SOC is $50, you must first pay or obligate (obtain your providers agreement to make payments on the SOC) $50. Your provider will enter the amount you paid or obligated into the Department's database. Your case will certify when the amounts you paid or obligated equal the amount of your share of cost. Once your share of cost is certified; providers checking your eligibility will advised that you are eligible and covered services may now be billed to the Medi-Cal program. Please note, expenses incurred by ineligible members of your family may be used to meet the share of cost of eligible members.

The assets in the trust are countable assets so that will probably make them ineligible. You cannot gift the assets or that will also make them ineligible, there is a five year lookback period.

You might try one of these providers if they are in your area as there may be an in home program eligibility

  • On Lok Senior Health Services
    Grace Lee, Director
    XXXXXbr/> San Francisco, CANNN-NN-NNNNbr/> (NNN) NNN-NNNN/li>


  • Sutter Senior Care
    Janet Tedesco, Administrator
    XXXXXbr/> Sacramento, CA 95818
    (NNN) NNN-NNNNbr/>

  • Center for Elders' Independence
    Peter Szutu, President & CEO
    1955 San Pablo Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94612
    (NNN) NNN-NNNNbr/>

  • AltaMed Health Services
    Maria S. Torres, Senior Vice President
    XXXXX Suite 490
    Los Angeles, CA 90040
    (NNN) NNN-NNNN/li>
here is a good overview of Medi-Cal that you may want to print out

If you need professional assistance try the list at

You probably need someone to review the family trust and determine if it is possible to use what is called a "Miller Trust" in order for one or both to become eligible. That is really beyond what I can explain in this forum.
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