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Hello, I have a question about the meaning of some language

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I have a question about the meaning of some language in my divorce decree. I think it is telling that I must provide health insurance for my children even though their mother has health insurance on them. She is the Sole Managing Conservator and I am the Possessory Conservator

In the Health Care section of the divorce decree, at point #6, it says:

Secondary Coverage – IT IS ORDERED that nothing in this order shall prevent either party from providing secondary health insurance coverage for the children at that party’s sole cost and expense. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that if a party provides secondary health insurance coverage for the children both parties shall cooperate fully with regard to the handling and filing of claims with the insurance carrier providing the coverage in order to maximize the benefits available to the children and to ensure that the party who pays for health-care expenses for the children is reimbursed for the payment from both carriers to the fullest extent possible.

Is this saying I am ordered to carry health insurance on them even though she already has it?

Thank you,

No, that paragraph just gives a parent the option to provide secondary health insurance coverage AND, if they do, both parents will cooperate for the filing and reimbursement of claims.

That paragraph does not mandate either of you to carry health insurance - it most state elsewhere as to whom is going to provide the health insurance coverage.

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