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I have been involved in a very emotional separation from my

Resolved Question:

I have been involved in a very emotional separation from my wife the last few weeks and after moving out, she has continued to be very hurtful. I won a restraining order against her last week, but there still has been contact by her and her family (which I foolishly did nothing about) and yesterday she got my sister very upset when they spoke, to the point of breaking her down emotionally.

I won't get into what she said as it's doesn't matter, but I am only human and after being lied to for over 6 years, watching my family get destroyed because of her drug addiction (Monday she has a surrender hearing for breaking her probation so many times and failing so many random drug tests), I finally struck back. I didn't do anything until I had reached my limit and just wanted to get back at her. Being so raw and emotional, I was also not thinking and I learned I accidentally had access to her Hotmail and Facebook accounts. I let her use one of my computers for years when we were together and when I moved out, and plugged it in, a cookie kept her logged into both accounts... so viola, I was in. Wanting to get back at her, I logged into her email and Facebook and changed her password, forcing her to contact the different websites and get the passwords set back.

I also printed a lot of correspondence that would show she was still using drugs, lying to me, falsely accusing me of vandalism as well as several other things. I know I now may have gotten myself and the situation in deep trouble and want to know just how bad it could be. I am not going to try and justify what I did any further other than to accept responsibility now for my childish actions, and plan for whats coming next. I do not know when it will come up (during divorce or even if separate criminal charges may be filed).

So now I am wondering what this is going to do to my chances for keeping custody if she files for a modification to the custody/restraining order or a more permanent solution in probate court. It certainly is harassment and I should have known better to just leave her alone. Did I 'hack' her account, or did I just log in and use it without permission and are the penalties different for each?

Thank you.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 5 years ago.

RayAnswers :

Thanks for your question and good evening.

RayAnswers :

My suggestion here is to destroy the e-mails and say nothing.If challenged on this someday again admit to nothing.Honestly its not clear that you weren't entitled to access here since she left it on your pc.She will not be able to prove this if you just stay silent.the sites do not release such evidence to people and it is often erased at some point.All you need do is destroy the evidence and not mention it to anyone.You have the right to remain silent and should utilize that.I do not see this as affecting custody.You may keep the knowledge you have gained and use it to your advantage indirectly.But I see no reason to go there with any of this.I do not necessarily think you did anything illegal your best move is to let it go and move forward with your divorce.

RayAnswers :

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