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I have a daughter who is now 27. Her father and I were never

Resolved Question:

I have a daughter who is now 27. Her father and I were never married and there was never any court ordered child support. Am I legally able to ask for back child support, at this point?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  GeorgetownLawyr replied 5 years ago.
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why after all of these years?
why was no child support filed when she was a child?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My daughter feels she was deprived of things in life that she could of had if her father had supported her. She also saw how I struggled and feels he owes me for all the years he did not contribute to her upbringing.

I did not want to pursue the child support because he had stalked me and at one point, before I severed ties with him, stole all our belongings and put them in storage for 6 months before I got them back. I was in fear for my daughters, and my, safety.
Expert:  GeorgetownLawyr replied 5 years ago.
Unfortunately the time to file for child support has long passed and you cannot file now. if you had initiated a case back then, even if he never paid you could now go back and enforce the order but since you didn't bring any case, you had until she was age 22 to try to file for support and since you did not, the state will not allow you to file for back child support of a 27 year old adult. Sorry but it's too late. I understand you were afraid but there were resources to help you to get the support for your child through the state and you didn't even need to come in contact with him. I hope this helps clarify.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I appreciate the legal facts you have given me. As for the advice for what I should have done then, it does not sound like you have much experience in dealing with battered women (or their mental state when they are in the midst of a horrible situation). My daughter is dealing with many mental health issues right now and I promised her I would look into this, for her. Even when we moved away from where he lived, I still was afraid and would look for us. I was afraid he would try to come and abduct her. That is no way to live. For me, not speaking for my daughter, that was no way to live. Resources back then were not plentiful. Resources for the mentally ill are not plentiful now. There are many cracks to fall through and get no support. I had no money for an attorney to even know that I could file for child support
back then. I am guessing that had I filed for child support he would have had the right to visitation. All the money in the world isn't worth my child's safety or my life.
Expert:  GeorgetownLawyr replied 5 years ago.
actually, paying child support would not have given him visitation. he was obligated to take care of his child even if he couldn't see her. i'm sorry for what you and your daughter went through. hopefully she will understand you made a choice to keep her safe even if that meant not having financial support from him. I am not judging your decision, was simply letting you know what the process would have been. I wish you and your daughter well. Thanks and please be sure to click ACCEPT so that I may be given credit for my time and answers. Clicking ACCEPT does not charge you anything more and encourages expert answers to future questions. Best regards.
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