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Im a divorced father of an 18 year old daughter that is currently

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I'm a divorced father of an 18 year old daughter that is currently on the medical plan through my employer. I have legal rights to file her as a dependent on tax returns. She will be attending college in the fall. She filed a petition on her 18th birthday to have my last name removed from her full name. She will be using my ex wife's maiden name as her last name. Are there any legal implications from such a move?

-Could you explain your situation a little more?
What do you mean by "legal implications"?

Are you asking if changing her name results in something automatically happening or giving you the right to do something?


When does child support terminate according to your court order?

Is health insurance mentioned?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Legal implications such as I have her listed on my will and as a beneficiary on my life and pension policies. My court order doesn't indicate when support ends, if memory serves. I thought it was automatic when they graduated from high school in pennsylvania or turned 18 the latter of the two for ending child support. I will have to check on whether health insurance was included on the decree.

Dar JACUSTOMER - This would not affect your will unless you change your will. Obviously she will still be your daughter and if you name her in the will she would still be the beneficiary regardless of her name. Women get married and change their names and it does not affect their inheritances.

Virtually all child support orders have some termination date and when the child support ends any obligation for health insurance would also. So it would be up to you whether to carry her on your policy after the support terminates and if there is nothing in the support as to maintaining insurance you can remove her at any time.

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