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RayAnswers, Lawyer
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  30 years as a family law lawyer .
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My husband and I are divorcing. My husband has chose a friend

Resolved Question:

My husband and I are divorcing. My husband has chose a friend of the family to represent him. My husband and I have traveled, entertained,etc with this friend and her spouse. This friend is also the best friend of our childrens grandmother. Is there a conflick of interest here?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 5 years ago.

RayAnswers :

Thanks for your question and good morning.

RayAnswers :

Is this friend a lawyer here?If not you are not obligated to deal with anyone other than the husband.He is practicing law without a license.You need not do so.You may in fact consider your own lawyer here to end this.The lawyer would object tot he court if this person is acting as a lawyer in this matter.The law requires only the parties and their lawyers communicate in a divorce.

RayAnswers :

You are corre3ct that this person should not be involved.Such representation requires a law license otherwise you should decline to use this middle man.Your lawyer can resolve this matter quickly involving the judge and the state bar if necessary.Individuals that are not lawyers are not allowed to represent people and may be charged if they try to do so.Usually once this is explained to them they get it and disappear from the situation.If not your lawyer will pursue unauthorized practice of law here.

RayAnswers :

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RayAnswers :

Here is an excellent lawyer referral service through Florida bar,It gives you half hour with local lawyer to go over your case and filing for divorce.

RayAnswers :

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RayAnswers :

I wish you good luck here.I know it can be overwhelming sometimes.You do not have to deal with this third person only the husband and only through your lawyer.

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The friend of our family is a family law attorney.

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