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My ex husband after a year of us being divorced has essentially

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My ex husband after a year of us being divorced has essentially forced me into communicating with him abut our children ONLY via email. There have been no issues of abusive communications on either of our parts, so I find it strange that he is requesting to communicate soley via email about kids issues/needs. Is it legal for him to just request that we only communicate via email or can I refuse and ensure that is he contacting me via phone with issues that are important or pressing? I do not always have access to my email account on a day to day basis so some important communication about our children could be left sitting for longer than 2 days or more. Does he have to have some sort of legal backing to force me to communicate only this way since it is not a convenient or quick communication method when dealing with issues with our children?

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Types of communication involving the care of the children, should have been addressed in the custody/divorce proceedings. It is not uncommon for email to be used, as well as texts messages, in the event that the parties are unable to communicate over the phone. Unless there is an order by the court, allowing ONLY email, you have no obligation to agree/rely on that sole method. As you stated above, you do not always have access and there are things which need immediate attention. As such, text messages or a phone call is appropriate, when needed.

Was there any court order limiting types of communication?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello there and thanks..
No, this is the strange part. He has just decided that is what he wants to do.
Which is fine for some issues, but my concerns are that his requests for early pick up/drop off times, reminders about dentist/doctor visits involving our children will go unnoticed.
It is definitely acceptable to talk via email about behavioral issues, holiday schedule discussions and other items that are not time sensitive.
But no matter how many times I state to him that I do not have email access every day, he continues to only chat via email and they include communications that need to be addressed immediately, not in several days.
It is frustrating at best and just wanted to see if he could force me to this method without proper legal action.
All valid points. As such, if he is not willing to communicate with you outside of email, then you would have to take him to court and have the Judge order that other methods of communication be used. If anything, you can allow email but require anything that needs a response within 24 hours, to be done via phone or text message, with a mandatory response. Thank you. If you have not already, please click the accept button, so I can get credit for my answer.
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