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I am a non-resident Jamaican who had a baby earlier this year

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I am a non-resident Jamaican who had a baby earlier this year in Florida. When I got pregnant, the child’s father decided that he did not want a child and I have been taking care of child on my own. After the birth, I took the child to Jamaica and the father now wants to help, but he also wants a name change done. I advised him that he can be in the child’s life, but no name change will be done. Coward that he is, he wants to take to me family court. My question is, ‘Can a jamaican judge order a name change for a US citizen?’

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Where does the child live now - Jamaica, correct? And has been for the last 6 months?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, I am back and forth between Jamaica and the US. I am currentlyin the US now with the child and will be here for month. Someone was telling me that a child is whatever nationality his father is, Can my child be stripped of his citizenship? For my whole pregnancy I have been harassed by this man and his family, they wanted me to abort the child and I refused, now they want to make life hell and drag me to court. Could he win custody of my child?
Your child has American citizenship - period. That cannot be taken away.

A Jamaican court may order a name change on a US citizen, but it is only enforceable in Jamaica, not US.

The Court decides on custody based on the rule of thumb of "best interest of the child." This includes, but is not limited to, general stability of the parent, financial stability, indoctrination of the child in the current school and environment, household condition and living condition of the child, other persons living in the house, etc. This is true for both US and Jamaica.

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