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Category: Family Law
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Is a Will and Power of Attorney still valid after a divorc

Customer Question

Is a Will and Power of Attorney still valid after a divorce?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 6 years ago.

RayAnswers :

Thanks for your question and good afternoon.

RayAnswers :

You really need to redo the will here for several reasons.You are no longer married and if your ex is in the will you would need to redo it as single person and also remove the ex if you choose.Also you would not be disposing of any community as everything you own as a single person is separate property.The will itself might be valid here but overall its time to correct it and add and delete some things based on the divorce.Its something I advise clients to do immediately after divorce.It is almost always time for some changes and update.Your name may have changed too.

RayAnswers :

It is a good investment and something you should do here.Also you may want a power of attorney and health directive as well while you are doing this.You may become disabled or need medical decisions made by a third person during your life.

RayAnswers :

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