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Brent Blanchard
Brent Blanchard, Family Law Attorney
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Eleven years of experience in family law, from pre-nups, divorces, child custody and support mod
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Hello, On California form FL-140, it states the following Attached

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On California form FL-140, it states the following:

Attached are the following:


It wants statements attached for those 3 items (not a form)..

Do i need to attach a letter for each item and statement of acknowledgement?

Or is merely signing the forms 142/150 the acknowlegement?
That's the financial disclosure form, so the "statements" being sought are:

for #3: A statement you write, which lists all community property assets and their values--total value, not "your half".

for #4: The same thing, for all debts.

for #5: The same thing, for all business opportunities.

Yes, you have to write these yourself. I like to see them presented in a table format, with the value in the right-hand column so the court can easily check your math.

The acknowledgment on the form itself extends to the attachments. Penalty of perjury applies to everything submitted with that disclosure.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Brent,


I'm a bit confused...


FL-140 says not to file it with the court.


So, the statements that will be attached to the does the court see these?


I thought this form only gets served to the wife?


And if that's true, then are you saying that she can use those during a court hearing or give to her attorney to make a response?



Sorry, I mis-spoke.

The other side always sees the disclosures. They get filed with the court only if those disclosures become the basis for a contested matter--which can happen about five seconds after the other side sees something untrue which they care about and which they can prove.

Everything a person says, does, or writes can become evidence. I always keep that in mind.

Every document used in a marital dissolution can become evidence. The objective is to avoid that by full and fair disclosure.

Thank you.

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