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Regarding visitation, contempt and alienation...where do I

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Regarding visitation, contempt and alienation...where do I find examples of motions to file and are there any time limitations involved?


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This depends - can you please tell me what you are trying to do here?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Go to court to complain about the lack of visitation with some of my children. In the past, especially this summer, I haven't had visitation (30 days) because they wanted to FL on vacation (he used this like a carrot?) He took them without my consent. They have been empowered to say no to visitation as soon as they turned 16. He claims "it's what the children want, and I can't make them." He set an unspoken model when I couldn't pick up my oldest son, then it was my 18 yr. old who "had to work", "had to do that" my 16 year is saying no because we had an argument.
Thank you. In this case, you can file a Motion for Enforcement Contempt. You can find such examples on sites like:

And others. Texas is a little subjective on the titles of motions, which confuses people. The motion can be:

Motion for Contempt
Motion for Enforcement by Contempt
Motion for Contempt and Order to Appear
Motion for Enforcement by Contempt and Order to Appear

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