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My daughter is 17 and about to have a baby by her boyfriend

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My daughter is 17 and about to have a baby by her boyfriend of 2 years. He is 19yrs old and seemed to have loved my daughter very much, however he has been rehab 2x's since she has been pregnant for heroin/speedball? use? I have taken her to all Dr. OB/GYN appts. and he has been to possibly 5 appts. out of 30 or more. He obviously is an addict and his parents may have some similar problems. His Grandparents however are very nice, well-to-do, hardworking people that have a great cabinetry business that both of their sons, as well as my daughters babies father are employed. My daughter has been through almost all 8 months alone with promises that he loves her and he just isn't there for her barely ever. Is ther anything I or she can do prior to having my granddaughter (due date Sept. 4th) to insure that the father of the child pays for his responsibility toward this baby. Also, my daughter was planing on naming the baby with his last name early in the pregnancy, but now that he has ahown little to no interest she is naming her with our last name, does this have any legal ramifications at all? When do they do a paternity test? And any other suggestions or help you may be able to give me at this point that would be helpful! Thanks in advance
Thank you for allowing us to assist you with this problem.

I wish to answer your questions but need to know in what state your daughter lives?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Mydaughter lives in New Jersey.


Thank you for the information.

There is nothing you can do until after the child is born. After birth the mother can file a paternity petition in court to have DNA testing done if either the mother and father question paternity. If there is not question then the father can just acknowledge paternity and testing is not required. She can also go to family court to request and file a child support petiton. The court would issue a support order based upon the father's income.
The name on the birth certificate has no legal affect upon the parental rights of either parent nor on child support obligations.
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