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my children are in late 20s yet ive never gotten a penny oc

Resolved Question:

my children are in late 20's yet ive never gotten a penny oc court ordered child support, how do i get something from him?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 6 years ago.
Good evening! I'm sorry to hear about the situation!

Unfortunately, if a parent doesn't establish a child support order during a child's youth, the parent may not go back years later to obtain child support retroactively when the child has reached adulthood.

However, if a support order was established, the support owed may accumulate as an arrearage if it goes unpaid and the parent may be able to collect that sum by taking legla action to garnish wages, levy bank accounts, etc.

I know that this probably isn't entirely what you wanted to hear. However, it's the honest truth and I know you want a truthful answer above all. I hope that you will click accept so that I am paid for my time and effort spent providing this information.
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