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My ex-husband refuses to abide by our divorce decree which states that he is to share equa

Customer Question

My ex-husband refuses to abide by our divorce decree which states that he is to share equally in medical, dental, reasonable extra-curricular costs for sports, summer camp,etc. He refuses to provide a copy of his 2010 federal and state tax return or proof that an extension was filed. He refuses to answer my calls to discuss the situation. Lastly, he will not take our children for the days that he is entitled. I have custody of our two children and he has visitation rights, but chooses not to exericse them. He lives 20 minutes away. I am supporting two children on my modest income with very little, child support each month, so am cash strapped. What would be your suggestion? By the way he is a practicing attorney in Illinois so knows the system well.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  dkennedy replied 6 years ago.


He is violating a court order. First of all, phone calls do not create a "paper trail" that you can take to court. Write him letters, send copies of the bills you need to have paid, and send it certified, keeping copies. Get a notebook and keep track of the letters you sent, the times he visited, the times you called.

Then, you need to take him into court for contempt of court. He might know the system, but he is violating a court order. Do your homework before you attempt to take him to court.

I have had too many clients come to me and tell me that their ex doesn't pay for sports, medical bills, etc. yet they never sent him a bill, or had no verification that he even know about them. You need to prove that to a judge.

Take him to court with your evidence and ask that he serve jail time. You need a lawyer in this case. You cannot do this alone.