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I pay child support for my two sons per agreement $700 per

Customer Question

I pay child support for my two sons per agreement $700 per month
one is 15 and the other turned 18 Feb 2011 and graduated from high school June 2,2011
I understand after graduation child support will stop for the 18 year old
Since I pay $700 for two will my payments now be only $350 and do I just send that in to Child support monthly.Will Child support know that the payment for the 18 will stop after graduation
Submitted: 6 years ago via ChildSupportLaws.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Maverick replied 6 years ago.

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You are correct that under the circumstances the child support ends at 18.


You will need to obtain the original or a certified copy of the 18 year olds birth certificate and provide it to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and tell them that the child is no longer in high school. They will then terminate his portion of the support.


Of the child support order does not clarify how much of the support is for each child, the family services people may require you to go back to the judge and get that clarified so that they know how much to terminate and how much to keep active.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
To clarify if my child support states $700 monthly for both
How do I reduce payments for the 18 yr old
Or must I continue till the other son turns 18?
What is the mist economical way of terminating child support for the 18 if original order stated payments for both and not written as $350 for each child?
Expert:  Maverick replied 6 years ago.


Go to the link above and recalculate the child support for 1 child instead of 2.


Then try to to see if the family services people will allow you to pay lesser of $350 or what is shown by the link above.


If they do not agree to modify the support in writing per one of these two methods, you will need to file what is called a "motion to clarify support order" with the court that issued the order. Once the motion is filed and served on the other parent a hearing will need to be set and you will both have to show up in front of the judge so he can terminate the 18yr olds support and issue a new order stating what amount is owed each month for the other child.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Please note our child support agreement was done privately and outside the child support normal calculations because both incomes of parents were high
How does this effect ur advice
Expert:  Maverick replied 6 years ago.
The only proper way to get this resolved is to get the clarification order from the court. If the family services department will agree to reduce in 1/2 without a court order and are willing to give you that in writing, I would try that first.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok thank you
Appreciate it
Thxs maverick
Expert:  Maverick replied 6 years ago.
Sure. Thank you.