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I am a woman with 3 young boys. Two of my boys have autism.

Customer Question

I am a woman with 3 young boys. Two of my boys have autism. I was a stay at home mom before my husband beat me up. Now I am working part time, but I know I'll have to get a full time job. I am scrambling for after school care for my autistic children, but the child support is not enough. How can I get my soon to be ex-husband more finacially responsible for the care of my disabled children?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  John Domestic replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for trusting Just Answer. As an attorney I will answer as clearly as possible. I ask for you Accept my answer so I am paid when we are done.

You can file a motion to modify support and request that the court deviate from the normal child support guidelines. Two of the reasons that the court can deviate from the guidelines are as follows:

5) In exercising the discretion set forth in this section, the court may consider any or all of the following factors, as well as any additional factor that it determines to be relevant to the best interests of the child:
(a) The child has special needs.
(b) The child has extraordinary educational expenses

I would also suggest that you could look to see if based on your children's medical condition they qualify for Medicaid or other social services to help pay for the expensive care and/or medication for them.